About cattery

Vernissage of Masquerade

The cattery is registered in WCF (World Cat Federation) system and is breeding the Neva Masquerade cats with preferred color of blue tabby point (a 2133). The cattery is participating in the oldest St-Petersburg club ALS "SAFFI".

We feed our cats and kittens only with highqualited feeds of super premium and holistic class. Our cats go through an annual inspection and vaccination with a veterinarian.

Our kittens from elite breeders have strong health, they have a stable psyche. They have magnificent wool and fine breed data. Our kittens grow in beautiful conditions, great love and care.

In our cattery you can always choose a kitten of the color you like, and on our web site you can learn a lot about the history of the breed of Siberian cat, interesting and useful information or admire the photos of our Siberians.

Our breeders are open to communication and are always ready to answer your questions on upbringing, feeding and caring for your pet.